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Wirral Council and partners pledge to ‘be the difference’ for children and families

A new campaign to ensure vulnerable children and their families receive the highest possible quality of care is being promoted by Wirral Council.


Council and partner agencies pledge and sign up to ‘be the difference’ to children and families in need


#bethedifference aims to reinforce the sense of shared responsibility for helping those families most in need.


The Council’s early help and prevention services along with partner agencies are signing up to work more closely to ensure children and families get the support they need to make a positive difference to family life.


Building on the well-established multi-agency partnerships, there will be increased focus on the responsibility of all involved for helping vulnerable children and those closest to them, and making sure families got the right help and services when they need it.


Cabinet member for children and families, Cllr Bernie Mooney, said: “Not all children and families are the same, but they all deserve to be safe, happy and ready for school, work and life’s challenges.


“This is an important step in ensuring all families in Wirral are given the help they need to get the best start.


“The campaign also highlights how the small things – which may seem less of a priority – can have a massive impact on children, from making time for them to talk, helping with schoolwork, cooking together can make such a difference.”


Director of Wirral’s Children’s Services, Paul Boyce, said: “We already have strong and well-established partnerships and this campaign aims to build on this strength.


“We want all practitioners across the children’s workforce to be committed to making a difference in children’s lives- from before they’re born right through to adulthood. “


To find out how early help services in Wirral have been working with families to be the difference already, take a look at the annual report for 2018 at  Behind each of the case studies featured in the report there is an important story of practitioners and agencies working together to make a difference to each child and family.

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