Top tips on how you can get the most out of your day

We all know that feeling of getting to the end of the day and feeling like we’ve achieved nothing. And when you’ve got 101 things on your to do list both in your personal life and at work, it’s understandable that things may get away from us.


But we also know those women who seem to be able to achieve so much in just 24 hours, from running a business to managing a family and looking great while doing it!


Many of the world’s biggest go-getters instinctively know how to nail it when it comes to being productive….but for the rest of us who struggle to sometimes even do the basics, there’s help at hand!


Productivity guru Charles Duhigg is the author of the best-selling The Power of Habit and his new book Smarter Faster Better gives easy to use tips on how to become more productive, which he believes is the key to success in life, whether that’s at work or after hours.


Watch our video where Charles unlocks the secret to becoming your most productive self.  

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