Top digital magazine issues of 2018

December 12, 2018

As 2018 approaches an uncertain end, what is on the mind of the UK consumer?  It does not seem to be Brexit.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s post-wedding front cover of ‘HELLO!’ magazine was the most popular digital magazine issue among UK readers in 2018, a new review has found.


The evaluation, created by digital magazine subscription app ‘Readly’, considered 605 different UK magazine titles available on the platform and split them into categories include ‘Top Magazine Brand’, ‘Hottest ‘Stand Out Issue’ and ‘Most popular Current Affairs Issue’.


It found that ‘HELLO!’ magazine was the most read among UK consumers, with tech-giant ‘T3’ in second place and ‘Cosmopolitan’ in third. Interestingly, there were no ‘hard news’ or ‘current affairs’ titles in the top ten whatsoever, as British readers look for some form of escapism in their magazines.


Ranj Begley, UK Managing Director at Readly said: “With two royal weddings, the World Cup and Brexit preparation, it’s been a big year for the nation and the magazines on our platform.  The big brands which have caught the imagination of our readers are in Celebrity, Technology and Women’s Lifestyle.  All of them reveal a lively interest in how our world is changing around us so rapidly, but from very different and usually very personal angles.”


This is evidenced in the ‘Hottest Stand Out Issue’ category where baking, sport, technology and music topped the charts. Classic Rock’s ‘100 Greatest album of the 90s’ and World Soccer’s ‘World Cup Preview’ editions, for example, were commended for their attraction and appeal.


Ranj continues: “As the nation prepares for an uncertain future economically and politically, we are choosing to read about things that make us smile, enhance our lifestyle and inspire us.  When times are tough, we focus on what really matters to us personally and what we can relate to.”


However, when it came to current affairs, the top titles were ‘TIME’, ‘Newsweek’, ‘The Spectator’ and ‘The Oldie’. The most read issues within this category included Elon Musk and speculation on the likes of tourism and masculinity.


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