The Adventures of Andy Kershaw comes to the Waterside Arts Centre on Friday 23rd November 2018!

October 08, 2018

A one-man two hour audio-visual presentation about the life, career, adventures and experiences of Andy Kershaw, in radio and television, live music, travels to extreme countries and foreign correspondence.



Andy’s one man show, The Adventures of Andy Kershaw, has become a hugely successful highlight of many literary festivals – including a sold-out performance at Hay on Wye – and a popular draw at theatres and art centres around the UK.


Fascinating and often hilarious, the two-hour visual-audio presentation treats the audience to recollections from a life spent on the front line of rock & roll and on the front lines of some of the world’s most extreme and dangerous countries.



Andy Kershaw - The Bluffer's Guide

  • has visited 97 of the world’s 194 countries.
  • owns an LP and CD collection weighing seven tons.
  • is a freelance broadcaster, journalist and foreign correspondent.
  • was an eyewitness to the Rwandan genocide and reported it for the Today programme.
  • worked for the Rolling Stones in 1982.
  • was a BBC Radio 1 DJ for fifteen years - without ever having any ambition to become one.
  • is an occasional presenter on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 3.
  • is a regular reporter on BBC1 television’s The One Show.
  • shared a cramped, chaotic office with John Peel for twelve years.
  • was the first – and is still the only – journalist to use the word “fuck” on From Our Own Correspondent.
  • presented Live Aid on BBC television.
  • was banned from Malawi under the dictatorship of Dr Hastings Banda.
  • ran away from university, on his first day there, to go to see BB King.
  • has seen his own intestines.
  • once got the better of Lou Reed, gloriously.
  • went on holiday to North Korea with Christopher Hitchens. And Francis Wheen.
  • has won more Sony Radio Awards than any other broadcaster.
  • was promoting major rock concerts by the age of twenty.
  • discovered Ali Farka Toure, the great Saharan bluesman.
  • has reported for the BBC from three civil wars and one volcanic eruption.
  • went on a blind date with a then unknown Courtney Love – to see Motorhead.
  • became a presenter of the BBC2 rock music programme, Whistle Test, by accident.
  • suspects he is being stalked by Dr Kenneth Kaunda, the former President of Zambia.
  • was Billy Bragg’s driver, roadie and tour manager.
  • covered the 2010 Red Shirt Revolution in Bangkok for The Independent.
  • has been awarded two honorary doctorates – by the University of East Anglia and Leeds University.
  • was supported by an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons when he was dropped by Radio 1 in 2000.
  • ran out of his Economics A Level exam, halfway through, to go to see Bob Dylan.  (And got a Grade A).
  • was, implausibly, photographed for Vogue by David Bailey.
  • once had to rescue Mike Tyson.
  • spent much of the 1990s hanging around in, and reporting from, Haiti.
  • was the central figure in the popularisation of World Music.
  • has made BBC radio documentaries in all three “Axis of Evil” countries.
  • masterminded the return of The Who to Leeds University, in 2006, for Live At Leeds Again.
  • spent a week riding out with Sonny Barger and the Oakland Hell’s Angels.
  • was immortalised by Nick Hornby in High Fidelity.
  • secured the first ever British television interview with Bob Dylan – by giving Bob a jar of jam.
  • argued for the abolition of Woman’s Hour. On Woman’s Hour.
  • made trailblazing travel programmes for Channel 4.
  • was once invited by the then Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock, to advise him “on what young people want”.
  • worked for Bruce Springsteen in 1985.
  • has made four visits to North Korea, the world’s most secretive country.
  • is the only broadcaster to have had a programme transmitted simultaneously on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 1.
  • has been propositioned by Frankie Howerd and Little Richard.
  • paid Duran Duran £50 to support Hazel O’Connor at Leeds University.
  • offered his opinion of Simple Minds to Nelson Mandela, just out of jail, in an accidental meeting.
  • was radio critic of The Independent – and the scourge of Birtism - while still a BBC Radio 1 DJ.  (“The most suicidal column in the history of journalism” - Francis Wheen).
  • played The Ramones Blitkrieg Bop as his first record on Radio 3, the BBC’s classical music station.
  • tracked down and unmasked, 32 years after the event, the man who - infamously - shouted “Judas!” at Bob Dylan in 1966.
  • was asked to be a presenter of Songs of Praise, the BBC’s Sunday evening televised hymn singing.
  • is an atheist.
  • turned down an invitation (and £50,000) to appear on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.
  • interviewed John Hurt, at Live Aid, before a television audience of more than a billion, without knowing, at the time, who he was. (He does now).
  • followed the firefighting teams of Red Adair and Boots Hansen to the burning oil well-heads of Kuwait at the end of the first Gulf War, 1991.
  • believes he was approached by MI6 to become a spy.


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Performance Details  

Date: Friday 23rd November  

Venue: Sale – Waterside Arts Centre  

Doors: 7.00pm / On-Stage – 7.30pm

Tickets: £15.00 advance

Box Office No: 0161 912 5616