Seven Steps to Organize Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be quick, easy and virtually painless if you have a plan. Without a plan your spring cleaning may end up taking twice as long as you’d like. And while cleaning can be fun, no one wants to spend more time than they have to. Organization is key.


Here are seven steps to organize your spring cleaning.


Organize your cleaners by room. Toilet cleaners don’t need to be in the kitchen cleaner box and vice versa. One of the easiest ways to clean quickly is to make sure your cleaners are all present and accounted for. Consider purchasing plastic organizing crates or boxes.


Keep a box in each room. Fill the box with the necessary supplies. For example, the bathroom cleaning box will contain toilet cleaner, shower and bath cleaner, mirror cleaner and so on. You can keep your cleaning supplies in the box too.


Gather your supplies. What do you need to clean the room? For example, in a bathroom you might need a toothbrush to clean the grout. You may also need a toilet brush. In the kitchen you might want a bucket for the oven cleaning task.


Set the mood. Music is a great way to help you get in a focused and motivated mood. Additionally, if the weather is right, open the windows. Fresh air and sunshine really help set the spring cleaning mood.


Choose the room. Make a list of what rooms you’re going to tackle first. Consider starting with your smallest or easiest room first. You can then work your way up. Or if you’re feeling extra productive, start with the biggest room first. Just make sure you leave energy for everything else.


Create a checklist. Create or use checklists to make sure you hit every corner. Checklists also make it easier to stay on task. You can see how much you’re accomplishing and stay focused. You can make your own checklist or you can download them online.


Set a time limit. It’s easy to spend a day cleaning. However, it’s entirely unnecessary. Set a time limit for each room. Take breaks. And plan a celebration. Go out to eat or spend some time with friends. You’ve worked hard, enjoy some time off.


Assign jobs. You don’t have to go it alone. Ask family members to help. Give each person a suitable job and let them help. Checklists also help family members know what to do and how to do it.


Spring cleaning is a tradition. When the weather turns warm, it’s the perfect time to clean. Create a plan and get organized first. You can get all your cleaning done in a day.

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