Magnificent medieval madness at Tatton Park, Sat 15 & Sun 16 June

Some people receive embossed invitations to dine with royalty. Tatton Park has a rather different proposition on offer this June - you are most cordially invited to party with the peasants!



Any excuse for a bit of fun would have been welcome, and Tatton Park has a great weekend of entertainment planned at the atmospheric Old Hall - Sunday 16 June is also Fathers Day, and though that hadn’t been ‘invented’ in medieval times, nowadays it is an excellent reason for a special day out.


All the traditional elements of a Fayre of this kind will be arrayed in the grounds of Tatton Park’s fascinating Old Hall. There’ll be demonstrations of firepower, from the flash of cannon and musket, to the satisfying thwack of a longbow arrow finding its target. Archery competitions will be available for those who’d like to test their skills.


Artisan demonstrations of the forging of armour will fascinate history buffs: and enthusiastic re-enactors will play out dramatic scenes for your entertainment. Those children brave enough can watch the fierce and furious battles.


Sideshows and amusements will intrigue you, and plenty of imaginative food selections - along with ale, mead, and fruit cordials - will keep you going through a fast-paced day. Although in those days ‘shopping’ was not quite the pursuit it is today, you’ll have plenty of chance to examine the fine products of artisans, and bargain with merchants, peddling their wares.


Originating from the 15th century and reputed to be haunted, Tatton Park’s Old Hall is a hidden gem. Once at the heart of Tatton estate, it has an eventful history: from its initial use as the Lord of the Manor’s Great Hall, to its final use as a mole catcher’s cottage.


Each of the two days of the Fayre will feature a knights’ ‘tourney’ – or tournament -and will conclude with The Battle of Tatton Field, a fierce conflict fought over possession of the Old Hall. A dramatic and fitting conclusion to a day of jocosity, wassail, revelry and merriment.


The Medieval Fayre will be held on Saturday 15 June and Sunday 16 June, between 11am and 5pm, with last admission at 4pm.


Admission charges:

£7.50 per adult, £5.00 per child, £20 family of 2 adults and 3 children, aged 4-15.


Enter via the Knutsford entrance, Sat-Nav WA16 6HS. A £7 Vehicle Park Entry charge applies for visitors who arrive by car, minibus or motorbike. Walkers, cyclists and booked coaches enter the parkland for free.

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