How to exercise with your kids

There may be times when you not only lack the proper motivation to get up and exercise, but you have kids at home. During these times, the last thing you want to do is spend less quality time with the baby just so you can go to the gym.


But there is another option – you can exercise with your kids. This allows you to spend some quality family time together while you get in a good workout and your baby can also reduce their risk for childhood obesity, which is a serious problem you should not ignore. Here are some fun workouts to do with the kids.


Butterfly kicks – One fun workout to try with your kids is a butterfly kick. The great thing about these is that since you are lying on the ground, you can hold your little baby on your chest and do the workout. If you have older kids, you can challenge them and see who is able to do the most butterfly kicks before taking a break. To do a butterfly kick, lay on the ground and hold your baby securely against your chest. Elevate both of your legs and bring them up, one at a time, alternating as many times as you can.


Baby yoga – There are mum and baby yoga classes you can go to, but as a busy mum this is probably not going to happen. Instead of doing that, just try some easy yoga poses you can do at home with your baby and without instruction. This is another good way to bond with your baby while also stretching and toning your body with yoga. You can also do some yoga moves right from your bed. This may be your new ritual before you put the baby down for a nap. The following yoga moves are easy for beginners and perfect for a mummy and baby yoga session:


  • Tree. To do the tree, hold onto your baby and move all of your weight to one leg. Bend at the knee on the other leg and place that foot on the inside of the opposite leg. Try to hold this pose for as long as you can, release it, then switch to the other side. This is a really good balancing pose that can be made easier by trying it against the wall.


  • Goddess. You can also try the goddess yoga pose with your baby. These are a type of squats you do with your baby. Keep your feet a few feet apart and hold your baby. Bend at the knees to do a squat, hold it for several seconds, then straighten your legs and repeat it again. Try to do 10-15 squats.


  • Flying baby. With the flying baby post, you are going to stand up with your feet a hip’s distance apart. Hold out your baby in front of you, bend your knees, then straighten your legs and transfer your weight to one leg. Bend again, move back to the centre, then repeat on the other side. When you keep going one side at a home, it creates a motion of your baby flying, so she is entertained while you tone your legs.


Tummy time HIIT – High-intensity workouts, or HIITs, are short workouts you can do to burn a lot of calories without having to dedicate a lot of time to the workout. When your baby is doing tummy time, it is the perfect opportunity for you to do a quick workout. You can get a full-body workout just in the amount of time your baby is doing tummy time.

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