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21 February, 2019
One in three breastfeeding mums are bei... (more)
1 December, 2017
The number of enquiries about people wh... (more)
22 March, 2017
Four in 10 divorced Brits admit they had doubts before they walked down the aisle but alm... (more)
27 February, 2017
“What if it all goes wrong?” isn’t something you think about when you&r... (more)
3 January, 2017
Traditionally, the first day legal offices open after the festive break is the busiest day of... (more)
22 December, 2016
Nearly half of divorced Dads will be spending this Christmas Day without their children, new research has revealed ... (more)
24 August, 2016
Cult mobile game Pokémon Go, which uses 'augmented reality' to allow players to use their smartphones to hunt and capture cartoon monsters or Pokemon... (more)
11 July, 2016
For fathers who don't live with their children, communication is now more likely to take place over FaceTime or Skype than with physical contact, leaving many father... (more)
4 January, 2016
The first day law firms open their doors after their Christmas break has been dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ as the holiday season pushes relationships beyond brea... (more)
27 March, 2015
We all know that we should have a will in place to deal with our property and savings.    You can also use your will to appoint a guardian for your children in the event o... (more)

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