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Council partners with charity to support BAME communities during COVID-19

Wirral Council is partnering with Wirral Change on an initiative to deliver emergency food hampers to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities across the borough.


Wirral Change food delivery


Wirral Change, a local charity which works with and supports people from racial minority communities in the borough, from this week took on responsibility for putting together and delivering emergency hampers where there is a specific request for certain World food items.


This initiative will join the Council and partner organisations’ wider efforts to try and meet individual needs through the emergency food hampers that are being given to the most vulnerable in Wirral during the current COVID-19 crisis.


Though the process for accessing this urgent help will stay the same – co-ordinated by the Emergency Food Hub and applied for through a centralised system – where the request includes an item that is specific to a particular culture or ethnicity, it will be met by the Wirral Change team rather than through the Hub itself.


Wirral Change is uniquely placed in the community to source and provide many of these items through the Wirral International Food Store.


Like the parcels being provided through the Emergency Food Hub, this service can only be provided to the most vulnerable households – those who are isolated at home and unable to provide for themselves at this time. The service will have the same response targets to provide this emergency support within 48 hours of each request.


A spokesperson for Wirral Council said: “It is fantastic to see how the Emergency Food Hub - and the essential service it is providing at this time of crisis - is evolving; finding new ways of working with more and more partners to improve what can be provided for people in need.


“Many people in our community rely on goods and other items that can only be found in specialist stores, so this partnership with Wirral Change will hopefully help us to fill that gap.”


Clint Agard, Chief Executive of Wirral Change, added: “It is great to be a part of this effort to provide for people in their time of need. We are proud of the range of services we provide to minority communities across Wirral in ordinary circumstances, so it feels right for us to find a new way of supporting people in these extraordinary times.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Wirral Council and food hub colleagues for their total commitment to anyone needing this fantastic service.”


People who are in need but who are still able to go outdoors can make a request for financial help with food and essentials at this time. This is often provided by a food voucher for one of the big supermarkets. Where this request comes from someone from an ethnic minority group with specific food needs, the partnership can support by providing a pre-paid card that can be used in a wider range of stores.

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