Closure order after reports of drug dealing at Birkenhead flat

Joint action taken by Wirral Council’s anti-social behaviour team and Merseyside Police has resulted in a closure order being made on a flat in Birkenhead.


The order was successfully applied for and obtained at Wirral Magistrates Court on 30th April 2020 under section 76 of the Anti-Social Behaviour crime and policing act 2014 in relation to a flat on The Woodlands in Birkenhead.


The terms of the order allow the tenant to remain in the property, which belongs to a social housing provider.


The action was taken due to ongoing complaints received from other residents in the area, who had documented incidents of serious anti-social behaviour around this property.


The complaints including allegations of drug dealing from the property, which involved a steady stream of individuals calling to the address at all times of the night and day. Fighting and disorderly behaviour were also alleged, while in recent times residents also expressed concerns about social distancing guidelines being breached on a daily basis, which increased their anxiety levels further by placing them at increased risk of contracting COVID-19.


Despite the sole tenant of this property receiving several warnings with regard to her behaviour and that of the visitors to her property, the problems at the address continued.


Wirral Anti Social Behaviour Team, working closely with Merseyside Police, took the decision to apply for closure order in order to provide the community with some respite from the continuing problems occurring at The Woodlands.


The hearing took place at Wirral Magistrates on 30th April 2020. The tenant of the property attended the hearing but did not challenge the application. Sanctuary Housing were in full support of this action and provided evidence to assist the application.


The terms of the order allow the tenant to remain in the property, however, any other individuals who enter the premises with no legal entitlement to be there will be at risk of being arrested and may receive a prison sentence of up to six months or a fine of up to £5,000 - or both. 


The closure order will remain in place until 29th July 2020.

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