Chris Coleman’s top tips for preparing for summer tournaments

With the Euros just a few weeks away, Welsh manager Chris Coleman is now nearing final preparation stage for his team as they get set for their first ever appearance at the tournament.


The planning and preparation done now could be the difference between a win and a loss, and it’s not just international teams that this applies to.


Millions of kids will be getting set for summer tournaments this year, so to help you get prepared, we caught up with Chris at the launch of a new grass roots scheme launched by the Welsh FA and Lidl to get his advice.


Through the partnership, Lidl Play More Football will develop young people to provide them with the skills to plan, organise and deliver inclusive, fun and easy-to-play football activities to engage their peers who do not currently play the game.  An increased focus will also be placed on encouraging more young girls to participate in the sport.


Lidl Play More Football is the first of its kind to be launched in Wales and will enable 30,000 young people to play football nationwide over the next three years whilst also developing the next generation of coaches and leaders.  Research suggests football is the most in-demand sport for young people in Wales, yet 37%* of young people aged 7-16 years old would currently like to play but feel they do not have the opportunity.


Lidl’s investment will create 1,000 young ‘Directors of Football’, providing them with the facilities, equipment and training to enable them to lead and run football activities in their secondary schools.  Supported by teacher mentors, the Directors of Football will be able to develop their leadership skills, grow in confidence and apply learnings to other areas of their lives.


The peer-led weekly secondary school sessions will introduce 10,000 young people to football, whilst additional weekly primary school activity sessions, launching in September 2016, will engage a further 20,000 children to get active, learn new skills and enjoy the game.


By partnering with the FA of Wales, Lidl will also provide a platform to communicate the benefits of football to more boys, girls and their families, creating lasting and positive change. Lidl is committed to supporting families in achieving a balanced lifestyle, helping children get active through football and offering fresh produce for nutritious meals to suit any budget.


For information on how to register for Play More Football please visit:


Watch our video as the Welsh Manager shares some of his secrets for getting ready for a big tournament this summer


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