Carol Vorderman’s Home of the Future

6 August, 2019

As research finds more than seven in ten UK adults would like a more eco-friendly home; Carol Vorderman provides an exciting glimpse into the future and an insight into how Britain’s homes will change to ensure we’re all greener and cleaner.



Imagine, with current sweltering temperatures having bed sheets that can alter their temperatures according to bed partners’ individual preferences? Easier decorating with smart cushions and furniture that change colour, fabric and texture using AR; toilets which turn waste into fuel; and hydroponic indoor garden. These are the futuristic thoughts of experts including Smart Energy GB, Go Ultra Low and a panel experts.


The research also extended to 1,000 children who agreed with the experts on some things, including that the future holds toilets which turn waste into fuel. Some even predicted that people will even be living underwater (8%).


In fact, children are already considering the environmental impact the things they buy in the future will have – 77% said it will be a major factor in any house they buy and a massive 86% will take it into consideration when buying a car.


The electric vehicle movement is picking up pace too with compulsory EV charging points in new-build homes, which in turn will be supported by smart meters and charging. What’s more, there might even be instances where you can get paid to charge your car.


It’s fair to say that children are the driving factor behind this wave of environmentally-minded change with 71% agreeing that the older generations aren’t doing enough to protect the environment. 53% regularly pester their Mum and 44% pester their Dad to be more aware of their own impact. More than six in ten (61%) 6 - 17 year olds said they think they’ve had a huge impact on their parents approach to being greener.


Smart meters will play an important role in helping Britain become a low-carbon economy, enabling households to use renewable energy and make a real contribution to a more sustainable environment.

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