Brewing herbs to cleanse, nurture and restore body and soul

1 February, 2017

Master Herbsmith Sebastian Pole harnesses the power of plants to help us remember, digest and love



As a nation we are seeing a growing resurgence and desire for more natural remedies to support our health. In fact, new research from ethical wellbeing organisation, Pukka Herbs, reveals one in four Brits are more likely to turn to herbal remedies in 2017.


Opening the window into the world of herbalism and plant power, renowned herbalist Sebastian Pole has written ‘Cleanse, Nurture, Restore with Herbal Tea.” The book contains 70 home recipes for herbal teas using botanicals, herbs and fresh ingredients, educating the reader on how to bring together the best ingredients and help us heal inside out.


“Rosemary is brilliant for your memory so remember that rosemary stands for remembrance,” says Pole. “It’s particularly good helping your liver metabolize all those extra moments of indulgence from the night before.”


Pole recommends peppermint for those of you who find it hard to say no to rich food and second helpings. “Peppermint is one of the best herbs for digestion. It opens up a space in tummy so you can digest food better… it’s really nice for you to drink it after a meal,” says Pole.


For the broken hearted, Pole has a special recipe called ‘A cup of love.’  “When you make a cup of love, you have to use rose cause rose is a symbol of love, and in herbalism roses are used to strengthen your heart so if you’re feeling a little bit blue and want to be cheered up, grab a rose bud and put it in your tea,” says Pole.


The book breaks down the benefits of each herb and ingredient, with invaluable advice on the art of making herbal tea to suit your needs – from helping you to sleep, supporting your digestion or even rebooting your energy levels. The book also includes a glossary of ailments and elixirs that provide natural support for all the family.


So pop the kettle on and get ready to blend the ultimate infusions to help you cleanse, nourish, energise, relax, restore and protect your body and mind.

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