Big investment earmarked for minor roads

February 18, 2019

Wirral Council is set to rubber-stamp a significant investment to improve conditions on some of the borough’s unclassified roads.


A capital investment of £500,000 has been included in the council budget for 2019-20 which will see surface treatment works take place to address problem potholes on lesser side roads in Wirral.


In recent times, investment has been prioritised largely on improving and maintaining the most-used key routes in the borough and treating only those lesser roads where conditions had deteriorated to a significant extent.


However, this capital bid comes in addition to the annual investment – which in 2019-20 will amount to around £5 million - on highway maintenance plans as the council’s ruling Cabinet recognises the pressing need to address issues on unclassified roads.


Cllr Stuart Whittingham, Cabinet member for Highways and Transport, said: “We recognise that for those who live on them and use them regularly, the upkeep of minor roads is every bit as important as main roads.


“As a result of the Council’s careful management of its budget in recent years, even during this time of continuing pressure on local government finances, we are still able to make commitments to invest in the things people want to see happen. In recent times, the authority has focused on bringing in revenue where possible to ensure we can make such investments in infrastructure for the future whilst also providing those crucial services local people rely upon every single day.”


The £500,000 investment will be spent treating unclassified roads in one of two ways; surface dressing to extend the life of the carriageway surface and reduce further pot holes; and micro surface treatments, which will again extend the life of the surface, but also restore some surface profile.


The roads to be included as part of this programme of investment will be decided on the basis of independent condition survey results, suggestions and reports from elected members and residents and problem locations identified by area inspectors. The list will be compiled in April so that any roads which have deteriorated further as a result of this winter can be included.


Cllr Whittingham added: “While we know there will still be hard choices to be made as there will be many more roads that require work than we are able to carry out, this is still a significant investment which will make a big difference to many areas of the borough.”