Why Good Working Relationships with Teachers Are Important

Teachers are so important in children’s lives. Outside of their parents, teachers may be the adults that have the most impact on our children. This is why good working relationships with teachers are important, for the child and the parent.


The first week of school can be seen as the foundation for the rest of the school year. Teachers are learning about a whole classroom of students at once. Children are learning about the teacher and their classmates. Parents can play a vital role in helping the teacher learn about their child, their quirks, and any learning issues they may have.


If this is your child’s first time at school, you may want to schedule a time to meet the teacher face-to-face during the first week of school. It’s an opportunity to develop a relationship. The teacher will probably welcome a chance to get to know you, and the student, better.


What can you say during your initial visit to ensure your child has a successful school year? Let the teacher know that you will support and cooperate with them in regard to your child’s education. You can even offer to come to help in the classroom to help them prepare – making copies, changing bulletin boards, setting up learning centres – or you may be able to help in some other way. However, if you honestly don’t have time to volunteer, it would be better for all involved if you didn’t make the offer rather than make a promise and then have to break it.


Ensure that the school office has a contact number for you and let them know they are free to call you if they need your help. It is important they understand that your goal is for your child to have a successful school year and you want to work with them to ensure your child will learn.


When you attend the first parents evening the teacher should have a better understanding of your child, their strengths, their weaknesses, and anything you need to be aware of. If you feel a meeting with your child’s teacher is needed don’t be afraid to ask for an appointment but be sure to communicate effectively why you want to speak with them. Stay on topic when you actually are able to meet with them and keep the meeting short; they may have other parent-teacher conferences as well.


It is vital that there is a strong partnership between school and home to discuss areas for development and that a shared dialogue exists to deal with problems quickly.


It’s also important for your child to have a good working relationship with their teacher. They need to feel that they can approach the teacher if they have a problem. You’ll want to be sure they understand to do so in a respectful manner.


The teacher needs the cooperation of the student. In fact, if they don’t have one student’s cooperation or respect, it may be that the other students will follow suit. Paying attention in class, raising their hand if they have questions, and being quiet while the teacher is talking are all ways to be cooperative and respectful.


Teachers could have at least thirty students, maybe more, in each class each year. Add in the parents of those students, and there are a good number of people the teacher has to work with. If you want your child to have a good education experience, you know why good working relationships with teachers are important for the student and the parents.

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