What Makes Gambling an Addiction?

Gambling is a problem in today’s society. With betting shops on the high street and casinos everywhere, people have more access to it. Everyone can gamble, but what makes it an addiction for some?


Have you ever been to the local fair and played the milk can game? Even though you believed it to be some sort of scam you played anyway. Before you knew it, you were so obsessed with getting that softball in the can that you’ve forked out over fifty pounds. Sadly, you leave without any money or a prize. What happened?


This is a part of the addiction of gambling. Depending on the game you like to play, the chance of winning with each throw, turn of the cards or pull of the handle sends adrenaline pumping through your system. It’s like exercise in how the body reacts. Endorphins are released from the brain, creating a euphoric state.


As human beings, we often want what will make us feel good. For some, that feeling comes when they gamble and they want more of it. Unfortunately, unless the person is lucky at cards, gambling can become an expensive addiction really fast.


Causes of Gambling Addiction


Here are some reasons why gambling can become an addiction for some. Certain personality traits and lifestyles are more prone to addiction than others.


* Depression – Depressive or anxious personalities can develop gambling problems. As we said, it creates a euphoric condition as adrenaline gets going with each new game. It is like a drug that cuts through that depression for a moment. The problem is that you want more of it at any cost.


* Debt – The lure of easy money and the spectre of debt hanging on your shoulder can lead to gambling addiction. This is especially true if you have a few wins under your belt. You keep on gambling to get the money you need to beat your debt. But, often you can’t stop there and instead you incur more debt once the winning streak is over.


* Emotional pain – Gambling can become an escape from pressures at home or at work. As you win, people are cheering for you. You feel good about yourself and something that you can do. So, you keep at it. When you lose, you keep playing to reach that high again.


Once the lure of gambling has taken hold, an addict will do whatever they need to do to get more money to feed their addiction. It is just like drugs, alcohol and other addictions. The addict will lie, cheat, steal, embezzle and even borrow to get more money. At this point, they are going for the feeling. They want to win but even winning won’t stop them from gambling.


Before you try gambling, know the possible causes of a gambling addiction.

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