What Lipstick Type to Choose

When you start looking at buying a lipstick, you will discover that not only are there lots of brands to choose from, there are also different product types on offer. The right one for you will depend on several factors such as the occasion that you want to use it for as well as your personal preference.


The different types of lipsticks that are on offer come in tubes or in little containers, which need to be applied with a brush.  You can get a frosted lipstick, a cream lipstick and a sheer gloss lipstick.


The Frosted Lipstick


This was the type of lipstick that was extremely popular during the 1960s and 1970s.  It provides a sparkly and pearlised effect which is just needed if you wanted to stand out in a crowd.


This type of lipstick has recently made a comeback due the popularity of the retro look.  However it is only really flattering on youthful skin.


The Lipstick Cream


This type of lipstick tends to have a much thicker consistency. This is due to the high level of pigmentation and wax that they contain.  These normally last a lot longer once they are applied to the lips and usually have a stronger depth of colour.  You can also buy lipstick creams that are of a lighter consistency.  These products contain a higher level of oils which make them look much shinier and glossier but the colour does not last as long on the lips and you will need to reapply several times over the course of a day.


The Lip Pencil


Lip pencils contain a lot less oil than the other types of lip products.  They are made of harder wax and last longer on the lips.  Due to the lack of moisture in this type of product, it can feel very drying on the lips especially if used to cover the whole area.


The Lipstick Toner


A lipstick toner is used to create extra effects in the look of your makeup.  It is not completely necessary to use but adding a swish of it on top of you lipstick can help to form the look of a pout.  It is like a highlighter so you don't need to use much at all.


Knowing the differences between the type of products that are sold can help you to decide which is the best for your needs.  Take your time to find out about each product type and you are sure to end up the perfect lipstick.

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