Ten Outdoor Craft Ideas

The warmer weather is upon us, with thoughts of holidays, camping, and the great outdoors. What better time to make some crafts that use things you can find outdoors? Here are ten great outdoor craft ideas for you to try with the kids this summer.


1. Painted rocks - Collect rocks from outdoors and paint them. You can then use the finished product to decorate your outdoor garden.


2. Stepping stones - Did you or do you plan on taking a trip to the beach? Collect some seashells and create a memento of the day by creating a stepping stone. Place the seashells you collected in the stepping stones and put where they are from and when you went. Install these along your walkway to always remember that fun day.


3. Pebble art - Go collect a bunch of small pebbles outdoors and wash them off. Make a dough with 3 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 ¼ cups of water. Beat ingredients together with an electric mixer, and once soft dough forms make 3 balls. Flatten each ball and place the pebbles into the dough with your hands in a decorative manner. Once done, bake in a 275 degree F or gas mark 1 oven for 2 hours. Now you'll have a piece of outdoors to hang up inside.


4. Stick figures - With some interesting branches from outdoors, a little acrylic paint, and some yarn and other decorative pieces, you can make some really unique stick figures. Paint a white base on the stick and then go to town decorating your figures using different colours for the clothing and yarn as hair. Then have a puppet show with your stick figures.


5. Rock hedgehog - With a rock and some pine needles and some felt, you can create your own garden decoration hedgehog. Just glue some felt on one end of the rock and the pine needles on the other to make the quills of the hedgehog. Draw a face on the felt and there you have a cute paper weight or garden decoration.


6. Nature frame - Turn your ordinary picture frame into a nature frame. Glue rocks, or seashells, or some dried leaves to the outside of the picture frame. Add your favourite picture of the kids playing in the outdoors to the frame for the finishing touches.


7. Dragonflies - Make your own dragonflies out of maple seeds and twigs. Just take those helicopter-like leaves and glue a small twig to four maple seeds and you'll have created your very own dragonflies. For a finishing touch, add two small glass beads for eyes.


8. Pine cone birds - There are so many great things you can do with pine cones. Transforming them into birds is a cute idea for little kids. With some googly eyes, pom poms, construction paper, and pipe cleaners, you have all you need to make a bird. Glue the googly eyes onto the pom poms and then add them to the pine cone. Then make a small triangle beak out of construction paper and cut pipe cleaners into three small pieces and glue them together to make feet. Add all of this to the pine cone for your own bird.


9. Stick raft - Make a raft out of twigs you find around the garden and then send it down the river. Simply gather some sticks and bundle them together like a raft and tie them with some string. Send a small pebble downstream, maybe write a note with your phone number and see if anyone calls to say they found it and where.


10. Strawberry/walnut necklace - Take a walnut and paint it red and let it dry. For the top of the strawberry, cut some green felt-like leaves and glue them together. Then punch a hole in the centre and glue it to the top of the walnut. Thread a piece of string or chain through the hole in the green felt to make a necklace.


These are ten fun crafts you can do using things in nature. What's your favourite outdoor craft?

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