Signs That Your Diet Is Lacking Important Fibre

Fibre – you hear about it all the time. But, what is it really? We know one thing: when it is missing, your body will let you know that you need more.


The Importance of Fibre


Most people think that fibre is something that old people need to help them go to the bathroom. Part of this is correct, but it is not just older people who benefit from it. Fibre is needed in every diet and here’s why.


When people try to lose weight, their number one complaint is always feeling hungry. It’s hard to think about dropping pounds when your stomach is empty. And, when you are hungry, you are more apt to make the wrong food choices instead of the right ones.


That is where fibre comes in. Most of us don’t get our daily recommended amounts. In fact, we may only get what we need daily in a week. Fibre not only helps you to feel full but it also slows down digestion in the body. In that way, it keeps the metabolism going as the body burns fuel to break it down.


Fibre is also a cleanser. When eaten in the presence of fat, the insoluble fibre grabs hold of some of the fat and carries it right on out the body with it. This cleanser has been linked to decreased risk of high cholesterol and cancer.


The recommended daily allowance for fibre is around 35 grams. We usually get far less than that. But, all hope is not lost. Foods that contain lots of fibre include: whole grains, fruits like apples, strawberries and raspberries, veggies like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, and beans.


Here are the signs that you are not meeting your fibre needs for a better digestive system.


* Constipation – We don’t usually take notice of our bowel movements until they are irregular. If you are having less than three per week, there is likely an issue with your digestive system. Fibre helps to move food through the system and eliminate what is not needed.


* Problems with blood sugar – This is especially critical for diabetics. Spikes and drops can be dangerous. Eating carbs loaded with fibre create a constant energy source of the body that maintains sugar levels in the bloodstream without need for additional insulin production.


* Tiredness – Fatty foods can not only make you fat they can also leave you without energy. Adding fibre to a diet keeps you feeling full, so you eat less and gain less weight. You also have a higher metabolism so the body is working constantly and providing you with more energy for daily life.


Are you experiencing any of these issues? It could be that you are not getting enough fibre in your diet. Start today to beef up your daily intake.

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