Set the Halloween Mood with Scary Stories

Creepy music and ghoulish decorations are great for Halloween, but there's something about a scary story that really sets the mood. Story-telling to set the spooky mood is an old tradition that's fun to incorporate into your Halloween celebrations. However, there's a certain knack to making it effective.


Here are some tips and suggestions on how to set the Halloween mood with scary stories.


Write Your Own

This is your chance to get creative. Start early so you have time to write it out and make any changes you need. If you're artistic, you can even do illustrations. For theme ideas to get you started, you can look at some of the classic scary tales and base your story on a similar theme. Here are some ideas for themes and topics:


  • "Something scary that was never found" makes a frightening theme. Whether it's an alien from outer space, a "devil baby," or a disembodied hand that comes to life, it really sets the mood when you imply that "it" is still out there and could show up any minute. As the story writer, you can create whatever creepy "on the loose" being you want.
  • Sasquatch or Big Foot stories are very entertaining and eerie, and since the existence of Big Foot has never been proven or disproven, your story can have a realistic edge.
  • Personal stories can be great, because they make it so real for the listeners. Feel free to embellish, of course, with creative details; but it gets your audience's attention when you start your story with, "This really happened to______." So if you, a friend, or a family member have ever had a scary or unexplained experience, now's your chance to share!
  • Murder mysteries are fun to write and read, and you can find templates and examples online to write your own. It's always especially scary when these end with "and they never found the murderer."
  • Keep it pretty short - 10 to 20 minutes max.
  • Consider your audience - adults can handle scarier stories than kids can. For scary children's stories, you might want to have a "happy ending" and keep the gory stuff to a minimum.


The Unexplained

The internet and your local library are full of stories about unexplained sightings of aliens and supernatural beings. These are appropriately spooky, and again, because they remain unsolved, they have that edge of "it could happen."


True Crime/Mysteries

Throughout history there are mysteries and murders that were never solved. Jack the Ripper is a famous one, but there are many others. Comb your library and the internet for true crimes that were never solved.


Now you're ready to set the mood with some seriously scary tales!

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