Save Your Loose Change

You know all that loose change sitting at the bottom of your purse or hanging about forgotten at the bottom of your coat pockets? By itself, it probably doesn't seem like very much - just a few extra pence here and there. But if you were to collect it all and add it together, you might be surprised at how much extra money you suddenly have. It might even be enough to take a friend out to lunch or buy yourself something special. It won't feel like it cost anything because this money was just sitting there, not included in your budget.


We often treat our loose change like it's not real money. After all, what difference can a few pence here and there make? So, we often give it to kids or tell the cashier to keep it, or throw it into the change jars some of them keep at the counter. But, just like you saw in the example above, it can add up quickly and pay for some extras that aren't included in your regular budget.


Now, think about how much change you collect in a month, or over a year. Even a few pennies in change here and there can really add up over several months. If you can find a way to start saving your change, you could always have a reserve set aside for something fun, like a family outing.


Your loose change can be difficult to keep track of because it's small, yet when you accumulate it, it takes up a lot of room. You can start saving your change by creating a designated place to keep it. For example, some families get a big jar and put their change in there until they have enough to spend on something they want to do.


You're probably not the only person in your family who's spending money and carrying loose change in your pockets. Your spouse and your kids have loose change too. You can increase your savings even more by inviting everyone to participate by putting their loose change in your change jar. At the end of every day, everyone can put in the loose change they accumulated during that day. You can watch it grow together and plan what you will do with it when the jar is full.


You can also set aside time each week or each month to roll the coins you already have. That way it won't seem like such a big job when the jar is full. As well, rolling your coins will help you keep track of how much you've actually saved.


In almost no time at all, you will have enough to spend on a fun family outing. Alternatively, you can save for a trip you want to take, or to pay for Christmas presents. If you have a big goal that your family is saving for, you can even tape a picture of it to the front of the jar to remind everyone why you're saving.


Saving your loose change can be an easy way to save up for something special. Your budget won't notice, and your pockets will feel a lot lighter.

Family Finance