Quick Morning Makeup Tips

With kids, partner, work and chores, who has time for makeup? New mums are the most notorious for “letting themselves go” after baby arrives. Make all your mum friends jealous with these quick morning makeup tips for a fresh face anytime.


Don’t Look the Part


Everyone in the neighborhood knows that you are a new mum. They’ve either seen the balloons and parade of doting relatives streaming through your home or they’ve heard the cries of your new little nipper. It’s not necessary to look the part as well. No matter what, neglecting your needs won’t get you any more sympathy or more sleep. It may make you the talk of the other mums at the playground, though.


Most women just don’t feel feminine if they don’t have at least a stroke of lipstick on. You don’t have to give up looking like a female just because you are pushing a stroller now.


Quick Morning Makeup Tips


Mornings are chaotic. If you are going to “put on your face,” it needs to be a simple operation. No one has time to bother with endless jars, bottles, tubes and brushes. We are here to help you get what you need, get it on and get going. After all, a crying baby is probably waiting on you in the next room.


  1. Invest in BB cream – It’s all the rage these days. But what does “BB” stand for? It is short for beauty balms. These creams were developed by a German dermatologist who wanted a complete solution for skin protection for patients. When you apply this cream you are getting a moisturizer, antioxidants (age fighters), a glow, a sun protector and a blemish fighter, all in one.
  2. Fight the puffiness – Lack of sleep will leave you looking like the raccoon or like you were roadkill yourself. Deflate those bags quickly and in a hurry with a roller ball eye cream. Simply give yourself a couple of swipes around the eyes after you wash your face.
  3. Dry shampoo – If you absolutely have to forgo washing your hair, dry shampoo can give you a few more days of great looks before the locks go limp.
  4. Waterproof it – Mascara brings your eyes into the forefront. If eye shadow takes too much time, apply a thin line of waterproof liquid mascara to keep eyes looking fresh even on only a couple hours of sleep. It resists smudges and the odd tear.
  5. Tinted face powder – Want to have that sun-kissed look? Use a tinted face powder. Apply quickly with a few swipes to the T-zone and the apples of the cheeks.
  6. Lip gloss – Add some shine for a natural look with a gloss. Keep it in your handbag and apply any time your lips need a pick-me-up.


Even with baby around, you can still put your best face forward.

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