Points to Consider when Naming your Child

Next to the joy that you feel because baby has arrived is actually giving them a name. There are so many new, old, unusual and downright scary monikers being given that you might need some pointers on how to go about the process.


What’s in a Name?


There are a lot of things in a name. Traditionally, parents wanted names to have meaning. It could be a trait they hoped the child to possess, a description of the events surrounding the birth, or homage to ancestors. The point is that there was some thought put into the process and there was history. Today, that may not be the case. But you don’t have to be that way.


8 Points to Consider when Naming your Child


Before you commit the name to the birth certificate, take a look at the following eight points. It just may save your child from a lifetime of embarrassment (and loathing towards you for botching their name).


Don’t do it on a whim – You’re at a Christmas party and notice how nice the decorations are and get the idea to add “tinsel” to the list. Let that thought continue to hang right where it is.


Food should remain food – It might be original to name your child after a fruit or vegetable but the kids in school won’t think so. Spare your child the agony. Leave the food in the fridge.


Can you spell it? – Lots of names sound great rolling off the tongue in polysyllabic tones but if your child has to win a Spelling Competition just to be able to write it down correctly, that’s going to be a problem.


How will it fit their grownup self? – A name like “Neon” may sound cool right now, but can you see your daughter or son rising to CEO of a Fortune 500 company with that one? Consider all points of baby’s life when choosing a name.


Can it be shortened into an embarrassing nickname? – Many parents don’t take into account that school children can be cruel and creative. The name “Coco” might sound harmless but kids can add to it (“Coco-nut”) quite easily. If it rhymes with a body part, you are definitely in trouble.


The 5th of 10 – Is your daughter’s name the most popular that year? If so, they may become one of nine other girls in the class who are routinely getting mixed up.


Does it have mothballs on it? – Your grandmother might like the name “Mabel” but some throwbacks need to stay where they are buried.


Does it fit with the last name? – A five syllable first name and a five syllable last name makes for one wicked tongue twister.


Naming your child is an important event. Treat it gently.

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