Physical Fitness Tips for Women 35 Years and Older

Let's face it - after the age of 35, remaining slim and fit is a little harder than it used to be. Maybe it isn't actually harder, but you have to make a deliberate choice about it rather than it being effortless. And that's the good news: with a little planning and dedication, you can be physically fit over the age of 35.


Here are some physical fitness tips for women 35 and over.




As lacklustre as it may sound, walking is still one of the best exercises out there. For one thing, walking does not require any special equipment (except good shoes). For another thing, walking is both aerobic and weight-bearing, so it burns calories and helps build bone density. This is of particular concern for women nearing the age of menopause, when bone density tends to decrease.


Get Plenty of Sleep


Your body slows down if you don't get enough rest, and that includes your metabolism. If you are sleep deprived, your body is constantly seeking rest, so to speak, and you will feel sluggish and slow. It's hard to work out and burn calories when you just want to take a nap! So get between seven and eight hours a sleep each night, as experts generally recommend.


Seek Out Daily Exercises


When you were younger, your body burned more calories without you having to do anything. Just sitting and reading a book burned more calories at the age of 23 than it does now that you're over 35. To make up for this, older women can find ways to sneak exercise into their daily routines so that you burn more calories just going about your business. Here are some tips:


* If you are at your computer a lot, rig up a makeshift standing work station by putting your keyboard or laptop up on boxes or books. Then move while you type or read online - bend your knees, stand on tiptoe, or so tiptoe "stair steps" as you stand.


* Park far away from the store entrance (or the entrance to wherever you're going) to get in extra walking. 


* While you're cooking, hold on to the edge of the counter and do squats, or do lunges on your way between the stove and the fridge.


The key is attuning yourself to "down time" and making it active time, even if it's just a few minutes.


Don't Limit Yourself to Machines


If you work out at a gym, experts recommend that you not limit yourself to machines only. This is because of joint wear and stress, which you want to avoid at any age, but it's especially important when you're over 35. Injuries take longer to heal and your tissues take longer to repair themselves than they did when you were younger.


With a little planning and awareness, you can be physically fit at age 35 and beyond.

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