Party Food for Your Next Kids' Party

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a kids' party is deciding what to serve for food. And today with so many allergy concerns out there you want to make sure everyone stays safe, but also has the foods they like. So for your next kids' party, try some of these kid-friendly party food ideas.


Kid-Friendly Party Foods


The key to good kid-friendly party food is having it small and bite-sized, as well as colourful and fun. Here are a few food ideas that fit that bill:


* Fruit skewers. Not everything at a kids' party needs to be junk. Put some fruit on skewers and serve it with a marshmallow dipping sauce for an added sweet treat at your next kids' party.


* Pizza. Doing make-your- own pizzas is a great way to get kids to eat their food. They can add as much or as little of whatever they like. And because they made it, you’re sure to have less to throw away.


* Finger sandwiches. Make some jam, ham or cheese sandwiches and cut them into 4 triangles. Easy and tasty for small hands.


* Devilled eggs. These are simple to make and easy to grab and eat.


* Bread bowl. Take a loaf of bread and turn it into a bowl by hollowing out the bread. Serve with a spinach dip. The kids can break off pieces of the bowl to dip in the dip. One less bowl to have to clean because it will be eaten.


* Snake sandwiches. Cut out some sandwiches with a round cookie cutter and display them in a wavy line. With a cut cucumber for the head and a piece of ham as the tongue, you have yourself an intriguing treat for your next kids’ party that the kids are sure to want to take a bite out of.


* Butter cookies. For a sweet treat, create some butter cookies. Cut them out in a shape that suits the theme of your party and decorate accordingly. It’s a nice, light, airy cookie that will be a huge hit.


* Whatever you do, don’t forget the cake. Whether you go traditional with a cake or cupcakes, or a little different with cake pops, the cake is the star of the birthday party. Make cupcakes and arrange them in the number of how old your child is.

Sticking with a theme? You might want to have someone bake a cake for you who knows how to decorate if you don’t. But a kids’ birthday party wouldn’t be a party without the cake.


Just remember, you don’t need a lot of food. Having a variety of different foods will be great if you can. Know what your guests can eat, but remember you likely can’t accommodate every child’s unique eating restrictions. Most parents know this and don’t expect you to, but if there’s a severe nut allergy in the group, then you’ll definitely want to avoid that. What’s your favourite food to serve at your kids’ birthday party?

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