Articles in Painting

Basic Painting Techniques for Pastels


Artists use a variety of medium. Some prefer to use oils or acrylics. Many artists consider pastels a great medium. If you’ve never used them, here are some basic painting techniques for pastels.... Read full article

Cheap Pastels Recipe – How to Make Your Own


Art supplies can be expensive. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually make some of your own supplies to reduce the expense. The following are cheap pastel recipes. Use them to make your own pastels rather than purchasing them.... Read full article

How to Get Started on Acrylic Painting


Some people think only about watercolours or oils when it comes to painting. They may not even consider acrylics. If you’re interested in this medium but don’t know how to get started on acrylic painting, read on for more information.... Read full article

What You Need to Know about Colour Theory


Here are a few questions. Is white a colour? What about black? Do you remember your primary, secondary, and tertiary colours? You may not realize what you need to know about colour theory if you decide to take up painting. ... Read full article

Moisture-Retaining Palettes for Acrylic Paints


One complaint artists using acrylic paints have is that the paint dries too quickly on the palette. By using moisture-retaining palettes for acrylic paints, artists can extend the time they can use their paints... Read full article