New Parent, New Baby, New Life

When you discover you’re pregnant you probably have no idea just how much your life is going to change. It all starts with morning sickness, food cravings, and food aversions. Add in the extra weight, your hormones going crazy, and feeling like a beached whale. Before you know it, the little bundle of joy has arrived and you’ve fallen head over heels in love with someone brand spanking new to the world.


There are so many ways your life will change, especially with your first child. Before there was just you and your partner; now there’s another little person to be concerned about. Gone are the days of being footloose and fancy free, but you won’t mind when you look into that little face.


One of the major changes that happen with a new baby is the fact that uninterrupted sleep becomes a memory of the past. New-borns are notorious for not sleeping all night long from the start, so expect that you’ll lose quite a bit of sleep. If you plan to breastfeed, your partner won’t be able to help with feeding unless you decide to use a breast pump.


Don’t expect to be able to eat a hot meal again for a while, either. Even if you think you have your little one in bed asleep, they seem to know when you’ve had your second bite of dinner. Before you know it, you have to get up and tend to them. When you get back to eat, your dinner will be cold. You’ll find that the microwave can truly become a valued member of your family.


Going out will be a whole new experience as well. Expect to change the baby at least twice before you actually make it out the door. Keep your baby’s nappy bag with everything babies need, stocked with a change of clothes, plenty of nappies, wipes, and anything else you usually have in there. Try to leave an hour before you need to so you’ll actually leave about on time.


Traveling anywhere will never be the same. Packing for you and your partner will seem the same, but you’ll be surprised how much you’ll have to pack for such a little person. Car seat, playpen, toys, and their clothes are often needed. You may think of other items you’ll need, as well.


Fathers can expect to take the back seat to the baby. They may feel frustrated about having to share with the baby since new mums are super focused on the baby and the baby’s needs. This is a normal reaction. Before too long she’ll have more time to focus on you and your relationship. Take the time to share and bond with the baby, and you’ll see why she’s so enamoured.


A couple’s sex life will probably also take a turn for the worse after the baby arrives. Doctors recommend that couples abstain from sex for at least the first six weeks. After that, even though it may be doctor-approved, new mums may be too tired. Be patient with her, Dad. This sexual dry spell will also pass with time.


Changes are a given when a new baby enters your life. You are new parents with a new baby; be prepared for your new life. Of course, you’ll see that all of these changes are for the better when you remember how much this little life has added to yours.

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