Mumpreneur: How to Endure in a Crisis

If being a mum isn’t hard enough, many women take on the additional role of entrepreneur. It’s coined the phrase, “mumpreneur.” It’s a tough but generally rewarding lifestyle choice. Mums are able to be there for their children and their family when they need them. They’re also able to create a fulfilling business and generate an income for the family.


However, sometimes being a mumpreneur can seem as if you’re straddling the edge of an abyss. A crisis can hit and depending on your business model, everything can go wrong at once.


For example, a service provider who suddenly finds that a family member is having a health crisis may need to drop everything to care for that loved one. The business goes on the back burner. Obligations aren’t met and when the health crisis is over there’s little or no business to come back to. That’s an extreme example but it can happen.


The good news is that there are steps you can take to not only help you prepare for a potential crisis but also to endure in a crisis.


#1 Don’t Be the Lock, Key, and Vault of Your Business Information

You don’t have to have a partner or divulge everything about your business to another person. However, it is extraordinarily helpful if you have a business manager or virtual assistant. That way, if a crisis occurs, you can quickly contact your assistant or manager and they can handle the client communication and manage things while you’re away.


#2 Network and Build a Community

Another way to help prepare for a potential crisis is to make sure you have connections in your industry. For example, if you’re a professional coach and you have a crisis and are unable to meet your coaching obligations for a period of time, you might be able to offer your clients a substitute coach while you’re away. They don’t miss out on the coaching experience they’ve paid for and you don’t lose clients.


If you’re an information marketer, then make connections with other bloggers and writers in your industry. If you’re going to be unavailable for an extended period of time, you can hire or partner with a writer so the content continues to flow on your site.


#3 Mindset Is Everything

Your mindset is what will help you not only come through a crisis personally but also professionally. Being able to stay positive and focused on your priorities helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed and out of control.


A crisis happens. Create strong connections with your niche community. You’ll be able to quickly make a plan, know what you can handle and what you cannot, and know who to ask for help.

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