Letting Go of Perfection as a New Mum

For some women, becoming a new mum is the first time they felt out of control or imperfect. If you’re used to being on time, well-dressed, and are very organised having a new baby can make you feel as if you’ve entered into an entirely new world of disorganisation and chaos.


Putting your new baby in their car seat, to drive home from the hospital might fill your heart, for the first time, with fears of your own mortality as well as the knowledge of the awesome responsibility that you now have. You suddenly realise you’re not perfect and you’re not immortal but you have this innocent, helpless creature for which you must care.


* Deli Food is Good Enough – You’re tired, but you have to eat. After people stop bringing round casseroles, you’ll need to feed everyone. Try the deli for healthy choices that everyone will love. No, lunch meat isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough with a healthy salad. Plus, it will save at least an hour of cooking, not to mention shopping.


* Not Dusting Today is OK – A little dust never hurt anyone. If you miss a few weeks, it’ll be there when you have the time and energy to deal with it. If it really bothers you hire someone to help you for a short time.


* A Bowl of Fruit is Lunch - Yes, you’re supposed to include more food groups, but tough times call for desperate measures. Did you know that fruit is one of the best sources of energy, has plenty of protein, and many other vitamins that can give you the extra added boost to help you get through a busy day? It’s the original fast food.


* Unmade Beds Don’t Matter – An unmade bed isn’t the end of the world, and who sees your bedroom on most days but you and your partner anyway? Make it right before you get in it at night and the world won’t end.


* Wearing Your Jammies for Six Weeks is Fine – When you are recovering from child birth, no one expects you to get dressed and in full make up each day. It’s not the 1950’s anymore and most people understand when you cut corners on some things. As long as you’re getting a shower in on occasion, sleeping when the baby sleeps, and finding a way to get some nutrition yourself that’s all that matters.


No one on this earth is perfect and you’re no exception. But, imperfect is good enough. Just focus on the things that are really important. As long as you and your infant are eating, sleeping and enjoying an occasional bath along with a lot of bonding and cuddling everything else can wait.

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