Articles in Japanese Craft

Ikebana – An Explanation


Ikebana is an ancient form of Japanese flower arrangement that is said to have originated with Buddhist monks about 500 years ago. The monks would arrange flowers to decorate the altars of the temple.... Read full article

Bonsai 101


While most people associate bonsai with Japan, it probably originated in China. The word "bonsai" is a combination of the Chinese word for pot, "bon," and "sai," which means to plant.... Read full article

Mizuhiki – The Ancient Japanese Art of Knot Tying


Originally, the designs were flat. Besides being used as a hair tie, mizuhiki was used to bind money envelopes and for engagement gifts.... Read full article

The Different Styles of Ikebana Explained


Ikebana is a general term that refers to the art of Japanese flower arranging. Within ikebana are different styles, some of which are explained below. ... Read full article