How to Make Your Own Halloween Treat Bags

Kids love to dress up, so it's no wonder they love Halloween so much. And getting lots of free sweets is the icing on the cake. Whether they go door to door or attend a Halloween party, they come home with bags full of sweet treats.


For adults (as well as some kids), handing out sweets is the highlight of their Halloween. They enjoy seeing all of the kids in costume and adding to their sweet stash. If they make treat bags ahead of time, it makes handing out the sweets quicker and easier.


You can buy Halloween treat bags at most grocery and discount stores. But wouldn't you rather give your trick-or-treaters something original? Here are some ideas for making your own Halloween treat bags.


  • Use paper lunch bags. Have the kids paint pumpkins, ghosts, bats and other Halloween pictures on them. Let the paint dry, and embellish with glitter glue, googly eyes, pom poms and other fun stuff.


  • Buy some small gift bags in Halloween colours such as orange, black or even white. Decorate them with Halloween stickers for quick and easy treat bags. Or if you prefer, have the kids cut out Halloween shapes and glue them on.


  • Make treat bags out of paper cups. Use plain white regular or cone-shaped cups and decorate them with glitter and/or paint. Let dry completely. Punch two holes near the rim of the cup, directly across from each other. Thread a gold, silver, orange or black chenille stem through the holes, and twist each end to secure. Bend into an arc shape to form a handle.


  • Make haunted house treat holders out of pint-sized milk cartons. Cut off the top of the carton, just below where it folds to make the spout. Cover the outside of the carton with yellow construction paper, and glue into place. Cut a piece of brown construction paper to the same size, wrap it around the carton, but do not glue yet. Draw on doors and windows, remove the paper, and cut each door or window on three sides, forming a flap. Then glue the paper on and let dry. Add decorations such as jack-o-lanterns, spiders and bats inside the windows and doors. Make a handle out of a chenille stem.


  • Make your own bags out of paper. You can find templates online that show you how to cut and fold them. Some even come with Halloween motifs already printed on them.


Creating Halloween treat bags is a great family project. With everyone working together, you can create lots of unique bags in no time. When they're done, fill them with candy for a fun and memorable Halloween treat!

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