How to Make Your Own Fun and Inexpensive Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers are always a nice way to add a festive touch to any festive table. They’re also fun for both kids and adults alike. You can, of course, purchase a box of Christmas crackers or you can make them yourself. The benefit to making them yourself is that you can design them to match your table. You can personalise them for your guests. And you can save a lot of money!


Here’s how to make your own Christmas crackers.



  • Wrapping or tissue paper
  • 60-70 weight white card stock
  • Cracker snaps
  • Cardboard tube - a paper towel tube works well
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Curling ribbon


You’ll also need items to put inside your crackers. These items can include fortunes, toys, and jokes – whatever you want. Make sure the cardboard tube you’re using is large enough to fit your gift items inside. You’ll be using the tube to roll your paper around. The width of the tube will therefore be the width of your cracker.


Step One: Cut your wrapping paper into seven and a half by twelve inches. If you’re using tissue paper, you’ll want to double or triple the length of the paper so you can wrap it several times around the cardboard tube.


Step Two: Cut your cardstock into two and a half by seven inch strips. These pieces will be glued to the ends of your cracker to make sure they stay round and are easy to grip when pulling.


Step Three: Wrap your wrapping paper around your cardboard tube. Using your hot glue gun, run a seam of glue along the inside edge of the paper. Take care to not get it on the cardboard tube. You’re gluing the ends of your wrapping paper together. Hold until dry. Then slide the cardboard tube out from the paper tube.


Step Four: Insert a card stock strip into each end of your tube. Glue them inside with your hot glue gun.


Step Five: Pinch one end of the tube on the other side of the card stock. Tie it with a piece of curling ribbon.


Step Six: Add your gifts and notes into the tube. Add your cracker and position it so it’s near the outer rim of the cracker.


Step Seven: Pinch off the end, just behind the stiff part of the card stock, and tie off with your curling ribbon.


You’re done. Repeat this process until you’ve created enough Christmas Crackers for all your guests. Have fun with it. It may just be the start of a new Christmas tradition.

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