How to Make Your Own Easter Tree

People are used to seeing decorated Christmas trees before and sometimes long after the holiday has passed. In recent years, you may also have seen trees decorated with eggs outdoors at Easter time. Here’s how to make your own Easter tree to decorate your Easter table.


You may not want to put an entire tree on your furniture, but you can create a smaller version of it. Start by finding a branch of a tree with several small limbs. You can either the leave the tree its natural colour or you can spray-paint it.


Find a planter or bucket where you can “plant” the tree. This can be spray-painted and then decorated if you like. Fill the planter or bucket with plenty of sand to be weighty enough that the tree won’t topple over. Push the branch down into the sand to secure it.


Poke silk flowers into the sand to hold them and then put Easter grass around the base so it looks like the tree is growing. If your child has small stuffed animals such as a lamb, chicks, or rabbits, they may want to place one or two of them at the base of the tree. Consider buying a small animal to place with the tree and then give it to your child as part of their Easter gift.


Cut several pieces of ribbon, enough for each ornament or egg you’ll be hanging. You may want to see if you can find small springtime or Easter-themed ornaments. If you can’t find anything you think is appropriate, your children could make them or you can simply hang plastic eggs from the tree.


What types of ornaments could your children make? They could draw pictures associated with Easter on construction paper and cut them out to decorate the tree with. They could draw eggs and decorate the eggs using markers or stickers, lambs, crosses, lilies, birds, or anything else they might like to use. You may want to have the children write out Bible verses and place them on the tree to help them remember the meaning behind the holiday.


Some families use the Easter tree to hang Easter sweets rather than using a basket. Wrap string around the filled plastic eggs and then tie them to the branches. You can also tie a ribbon or yarn around chocolate eggs or bunnies.


Once you and your children learn how to make your own Easter tree you may decide it’s something you’d like to add as a family tradition. Each year you can make new ornaments to add to the tree. However you decide to use your Easter tree, enjoy the time you spend with your children making the tree this year.

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