How to Make a Wooden Spoon Angel

Angels are one of the most beautiful symbols of Christmas. Crafters often incorporate them into their projects for the holidays. Here is an angel project that is just adorable, yet it's so easy that even a child can do it with a little help from an adult.

What You Need

* Wooden spoon

* Pink or flesh-toned acrylic paint

* Red and black acrylic paint

* Paintbrush

* Liner brush

* White and pink or flesh-toned felt

* Yellow, brown or black yarn

* Googly eyes

* Gold card stock

* Gold chenille stem

* Pink pen

* Glue


1. Paint the bowl end of the spoon with the pink or flesh-toned paint. Let dry completely.

2. Cut a quarter circle out of the white felt. Place the spoon on top of it, with the bowl end up over the

centre point of the felt. Roll the felt into a cone around the spoon. Secure the edge to the rest of the felt with glue, and add glue around the neck to keep the dress in place.

3. Cut two long, narrow rectangles out of the white foam for arms, and two hand shapes from the pink or flesh-toned foam. Glue a hand to one end of each arm, and glue an arm to each side of the body.

4. Cut the yarn to the desired length of the hair. Glue into place.

5. Form the gold chenille stem into a circle to make a halo, leaving the ends straight and about a half inch in length. Twist the ends together, and glue to the back of the angel's head.

6. Cut two wings from the gold card stock. Glue them in place on the angel's back.

7. Glue on the googly eyes, and use the liner brush and black paint to add the outline of a nose. Use the red paint to paint on a mouth.


White craft glue will be easiest to use to glue on the googly eyes, but hot glue may hold the rest of the angel together better. If a small child is making this project, an adult should use the glue gun.

If you prefer, you could use doll hair instead of yarn. Just hot glue it on as desired.

If you like, you could add detail to the wings using gold glitter glue. You may also choose to use the glitter glue to add designs to the dress.

This project makes a nice Christmas tree topper. If you want to use it for this purpose, cut the handle of the spoon to just a few inches long so that it will sit on top of the tree.

If you leave the handle intact, this angel also makes a great puppet!

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