How to Make a Paper Plate Easter Bonnet

In days gone by it wasn’t unusual to see women dressed in their finest clothes and Easter bonnets on Easter morning. The habit of wearing hats has seemingly fallen out of vogue. Your child can still learn how to make a paper plate Easter bonnet as part of their Easter tradition.


To create a paper plate Easter bonnet, you’ll need to pull together a few craft items:


* Paper plates

* Ribbon or yarn

* Scissors

* Glue or glitter glue

* Markers or crayons

* Construction paper

* Hole punch

* Artificial flowers, if desired


There are a several methods to choose from when making a paper plate bonnet. Here’s one method that’s relatively easy so even young children can make them.


Begin by cutting the middle out of the paper plate so it will fit on the child’s head. There should be a considerable amount of plate left which is where the decorations will go. Punch two holes in the plate, one across from the other. Be sure the holes are far enough into the plate so they don’t easily rip.


Let your child decorate what’s left of the plate however they want. They can make paper flowers and glue them onto their hat, or glue silk flowers. They can also colour it with markers or crayons. Paper can also be cut into strips and curled to add to the brim of the hat. Let them have fun decorating it.


When the children have finished decorating their paper plate Easter bonnet, it’s ready for them to try on. Then they can tie two pieces of ribbon or yarn (about 10 inches long) into the holes, one on each side. Make a bow with the ribbon under their chin to hold the Easter bonnet on.


As you can see, it really isn’t difficult to make an Easter bonnet. You and your child can work together to create a new Easter bonnet each year. Make it a family tradition to enjoy with your child.

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