How to Make a Felt Christmas Stocking

The Christmas stocking is a festive staple for families with children.  Kids love to get up on Christmas morning and see what kinds of goodies Santa has left them!  Small stockings are also great for decoration, and they're ideal for holding small gifts to give to your friends and family.


Making felt stockings is very easy, and it's a great family project.  Here's how to do it:


What You Need


* Felt

* Cardboard or card stock

* Marker

* Scissors

* Straight pins

* Needle and thread

* White faux fur and other embellishments




1.  Draw a stocking shape of the desired size on a piece of cardboard or card stock.  Cut out.


2.  Place the cardboard shape on the felt, trace around it, and cut out.  Make two pieces for each stocking.


3.  If you want to sew buttons, fabric or other embellishments on the stocking, it will be much easier to do so before you sew it together.  Just make sure to sew them onto the side that will be facing outward.


4.  Pin the pieces of felt together, wrong sides facing out, and sew around the edges with a sewing machine or by hand.  Be sure not to sew the top closed.


5.  Turn the stocking inside out so that the seams are now on the inside.  Decorate the outside using fabric paint, glitter, beads, or anything else you like.  Sew a strip of faux fur to the top if desired.


6.  Cut a strip of felt an inch or so wide and 3 or 4 inches long.  Fold it in half to make a loop and sew it to the top left corner of the stocking.


Letting the kids decorate their own stockings gives them an opportunity to express themselves.  They could add charms that reflect their interests and hobbies, make pictures with beads, or use finger paint to add handprints.  Tubes of fabric paint or glitter glue make it easy for them to write messages to Santa and add their names.


Scraps of Christmas fabric are great for adding a decorative touch to stockings.  You could cut out shapes such as Christmas trees, angels, or reindeer and sew or glue them to the front of the stocking.  If you want a different look, you could even use a sturdy fabric such as canvas instead of felt to make the body of the stocking.


Making and decorating your own Christmas stockings is lots of fun, and it's very inexpensive.  Whether you're making them to hang on the tree, fill with gifts for friends, or place on the mantle for Santa to stuff, it's a wonderful way to get the family creative together during the Christmas holidays.

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