How to Choose the Right Coat - Top Tips

Are you looking for a new winter coat? Not sure where to start or how to choose the best one for you? There are several things it helps to consider. Here are some top tips on choosing the right coat this winter.




The first thing you'll need to figure out is how much you can spend on a coat this season. That will determine a lot as to where you'll shop and what you can expect to purchase.


Body Type


Coats do more than just keep out the cold. Choosing a coat that flatters your body type can make the difference between looking sharp and looking awkward this winter. Here are some tips on which styles and cuts of coats that work for which body types.


* Pear-shaped figures tend to look better in coats that accentuate your upper body. A wide collar or other embellishment across the shoulders help balance out the heavier lower half. Think of adding volume to your upper half - double-breasted coats, for instance, accentuate the top and tend to be fitted at the waist.


* Square body types without a lot of curve may benefit from a coat with some bulk at the top, like a double-breasted coat, and flares or pleats at the bottom to imply curves at the hips.


* For rounder body types ("apple-shaped" figures), it might be a good idea to go with a coat that is lighter at the top (no double-breasted coats) and without a lot of flare or embellishment at the waist. A long coat that flares outward at the waist in an A-line may be a good option for this body type.




How cold does it get where you live? Remember that materials like down, fleece, and wool tend to be excellent insulators and you may find yourself sweltering on a "cold" winter's day. If you live in a milder climate, you can lean a bit more toward the fashionable side of things and go for a stylish suede jacket.


If you live in an area that gets really cold, then you'll need to go for warmth (but you can still go for style, too, just warm style!). Think of water resistance and insulation if you live in a cold area.


Activity Level


What are you going to be doing this winter? How you answer this determines a lot about what coat will work best for you. If you spend the winter largely indoors and go out mainly for work, meetings, errands, or socializing, then your needs are different from someone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter, skiing, camping, hiking, and so forth.


A stylish, even formal coat will work for someone who is going to be wearing it mainly between indoor activities. Someone who engages in a lot of outdoor activity should look for something water-resistant and sporty, made to provide protection against the elements.