Fun Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Paper is a wonderful craft medium. There are so many varieties, and lots of times the supplies you need are right in your house! Here are some fun paper craft ideas for kids.



This ancient craft is just as relevant and fascinating as it was when it was first practiced. At its most basic, origami is folding paper into 3-dimensional shapes. But there are some specifics, such as learning to follow origami diagrams and making sharp creases when you fold. You can use almost any kind of paper, but beginners might benefit from using actual origami paper.


You can make simple things with young children and more complex designs for older kids. The internet is full of printable diagrams and instructions, so there is ample information to get started on this paper craft any time!


Papier Mache

Papier mache is quite versatile as well - from professional artists to young children, this medium can serve quite an array of purposes. And it's not an expensive craft, either. Here are the basics:


Tear newspaper (not the shiny type) into strips - make sure you tear rather than cut, because torn edges merge together to make a smooth surface better than cut edges. Then dip the newspaper into a mixture of 1 part white paste to 1 part water; run your thumb and first two fingers along the strip to remove any excess glue, then lay the strip on your armature. Repeat until the armature is covered with strips, and allow to dry.


Building an armature is probably the most complicated part of the procedure. You can use wire, balloons (which you pop after the paper mache dries), balled-up paper held together with masking tape, cardboard, or even clay. Once it's dry, you can paint it and add other embellishments.



Because this intricate craft involves small (and somewhat sharp) tools and a delicate touch, it's probably best reserved for older kids and teens. Quilling is beautiful, and it allows you to make lovely designs from tiny pieces of paper that might otherwise go to waste. You will need a quilling tool, but you can probably improvise with a toothpick or even a sewing needle. You wrap very thin pieces of paper around and around the tool, and then take the coiled paper and shape it with your hands into the design of your choice.


Tissue Paper

Tissue paper crafts alone could take up many articles! Tissue paper has a translucent quality that makes it a lovely choice for pasting onto clear candle holders, white lamp shades, clear frames, or between sheets of wax paper to make "stained glass." For these flat designs, you can use a mix of paste and water and brush the tissue paper pieces smooth with a paint brush. Tissue paper can also be used to make 3-dimensional designs, such as flowers.


This is just the beginning! Feel free to explore and experiment with folding paper into houses, lanterns, snowflakes...there are so many possibilities!

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