Five Halloween Game Ideas

When it comes to Halloween, the first activity most of us think about is trick-or-treating. That's certainly a big part of it, but what about those who are too old to solicit sweets or just don't want to? And how about the parents who prefer that their children stay in one place on this special occasion?


In these cases and more, Halloween parties are a fun alternative. They give us a chance to dress in costume and have a good time without going door-to-door. But in order for a Halloween party to be successful, there must be some Halloween-themed activities. Here are five games to consider for your Halloween shindig:


1. Pumpkin bowling – Bowling is a fun game any time of the year. But using pumpkins instead of bowling balls gives it a Halloween flavour. For pins, use empty 2-litre pop bottles. If you like, paint them white and draw eyes and mouths on them so that they look like ghosts. Then you can either fill them with water and freeze them or add a cup of sand or pebbles to help them stand up. Provide a prize for every strike, or for high scores.


2. Bobbing for apples – This is one game that has been featured at Halloween parties for many years. Fill a large tub with water, and add several apples. Have participants hold their hands behind their backs and try to catch an apple in their mouths. This can get messy, so do it outdoors if possible and keep some towels on hand.


3. Pin the nose on the jack o'lantern – Draw a large jack o'lantern, omitting the nose. Cut a nose out of black construction paper, and place a thumbtack through it. Blindfold guests, spin them around a few times, and point them in the right direction. The one who gets the nose closest to the right position wins.


4. Wrap the mummy – For this game, you will need several rolls of toilet paper. Divide players into groups of three or four and give each group a roll of toilet paper. Each group designates one person as the mummy, and the other players do the wrapping. The first group to wrap the mummy using the whole roll of toilet paper wins.


5. Doughnut on a string – This is another oldie but goodie. Hang donuts from the ceiling with string. Each player must attempt to eat the entire doughnut without using his hands. The first one to finish his doughnut wins. For best results (and least mess), use plain doughnuts.


These games are sure to liven up any Halloween party. Your guests will have a hair-raisingly good time!

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