Five Beginner's Weaving Projects

When we think of weaving, we often envisage images of intricate rugs and tapestries. These are fine examples of what can be done by a skilled weaver. But for those who are just getting started, they look pretty intimidating.

It's important to remember that every weaver started somewhere. Very few made an elaborate work of art for their first project. In fact, they probably started out making small, simple items.

If you want to start weaving, there are plenty of projects available that can help you learn the proper technique. Here are five projects that are perfect for beginning weavers.

1. Potholders – A potholder is perhaps one of the easiest things to weave. It's also great for practising keeping your edges even. Making a potholder is as simple as weaving a square, so it's a great way to get your feet wet. You can make them out of yarn or heavy fabric.

2. Placemats – Woven placemats add a nice, handmade touch to any table. And they're quite easy to make with a small loom. The only difference between a placemat and a potholder is that the placemat is larger and rectangular instead of square. Good materials to use include yarn and fabric, and you can even make the out of paper and laminate them.

3. Bracelets – Weaving bracelets is a popular pastime among young girls, so it stands to reason that it would be a good beginner's weaving project. All you need is some yarn or embroidery thread. You can use a small loom, but it's possible to weave a bracelet without one.

4. Bookmarks – Weaving a bookmark is similar to weaving a bracelet. The main difference is that a bookmark is wider. You can also use a variety of materials to weave bookmarks, including leather, plastic and paper.

Bags – If you're ready to take your weaving projects a step further, try making a simple purse. Envelope-style bags are the easiest to make. You can simply weave a long rectangle, fold up about a third of the material, and sew the sides together. Add a button to the flap and a loop for closure, and sew on a strap to finish. These make great gifts for any occasion, and you can make yourself one to match any outfit!

Learning to weave opens the door to creating all sorts of beautiful things, including fabrics, rugs and wall hangings. But there are many simple projects that you can do to improve your skills and decide whether weaving is something you would like to pursue further. If you're curious, you can get started with just a few inexpensive supplies available at any craft store.