Articles in Easter Fun and Christmas Craft

How to Make Your Own Fun and Inexpensive Christmas Crackers


Christmas Crackers are always a nice way to add a festive touch to any festive table. They’re also fun for both kids and adults alike. You can, of course, purchase a box of Christmas crackers or you can make them yourself.... Read full article

How to Make Old Christmas Cards into New Ones


If you like to send out Christmas cards, you probably also get a dozen or more of them in the mail each year. What do you do with them after Christmas is over? Instead of adding to the rubbish pile, use those cards to create new ones.... Read full article

How to Make a Felt Christmas Stocking


The Christmas stocking is a festive staple for families with children. Kids love to get up on Christmas morning and see what kinds of goodies Santa has left them! ... Read full article

How to Make a Wooden Spoon Angel


Angels are one of the most beautiful symbols of Christmas. Crafters often incorporate them into their projects for the holidays. Here is an angel project that is just adorable, yet it's so easy that even a child can do it with a little help... Read full article

How to Make Your Own Traditional Straw Christmas Tree Decorations


Each country around the world has its own Christmas traditions. Lithuanians and Germans often used straw to create ornate decorations and ornaments for their Christmas trees. ... Read full article

How to Make Your Own Paper Snowflake Cards


Paper snowflakes have been a favourite craft of children for generations. They are easy and inexpensive to make, and the resulting designs are unique and beautiful. ... Read full article