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Single Woman's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day


It can get pretty hard to be a single woman on Valentine's Day. The romantic nature of the occasion is everywhere - in shop windows, online, on's impossible to escape the message that Valentine's Day is for couples.... Read full article

Why is my Child Angry?


Every child goes through times when they are angry. Anger is a natural part of life and children need to learn how to deal with it.... Read full article

Struggles Faced by Single Parent Families


Being a single parent is a challenge, but just as with any type of parenting, the rewards are numerous. All parenting has its challenges, but single parents face a unique set of circumstances that takes special navigation. ... Read full article

How to have a fatherless Father's Day


Father’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate the men in our lives. For a family without a father, however, it can be very painful and is a yearly reminder of the loss already experienced by them.... Read full article

Sun, sea, and…separation - arranging a foreign family holiday


School holidays can be a difficult time for parents - particularly those bringing up children alone. Complicated childcare arrangements, financial pressures and trying to keep bored children occupied for weeks at a time are issues felt by all parents... Read full article

Family Guide to Divorce: Things You Need to Know

by Slater Heelis on

Choosing to divorce is never an easy decision and can be a rather traumatic process, not just for the separating partners but for the children too.... Read full article

Are you Ready to Date Again After your Divorce?


Deciding when or if to date again after divorce is not always easy. It can be a very difficult decision, made more difficult by various roadblocks like personal guilt. ... Read full article

Divorce – How to Hang on to Your Dignity


Sadly, when a divorce happens, one or both parties often feel humiliated and embarrassed. You may feel like you've lost your dignity, especially when your divorce includes an angry, difficult ex-spouse.... Read full article

Co-Parenting Strategies to Help Avoid Conflict


It can be extremely challenging to co-parent effectively in a high-conflict situation. It's tough when you don't want to expose your children to conflict, yet there doesn't seem to be an alternative.... Read full article

Parental Alienation Syndrome: An Explanation


When parents separate, it is important for both the mother and the father to maintain a relationship with the children. Yet in many cases, children side with one parent or the other.... Read full article