Creating a Profitable Direct Sales Business

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July 09, 2015

Direct sales are one of the most enduring business models out there. If you have extra time and want to be your own boss, consider a direct sales business. Here are some tips to help you successfully create a profitable business enterprise.


What Is Direct Sales?


Have you ever heard of Kleeneze, Pampered Chef or Avon? These are direct sales businesses. There is a parent company that offers a variety of products. These products are, in turn, sold through individuals who are called consultants, sales associates, distributors or representatives. For a share of the profit of the sales they make, the company offers rewards, incentives and advancement opportunities.


With the direct sales model, a consultant is only limited by their ambition when it comes to the amount of money they can make. Each consultant is an independent business owner. It is quite similar to an affiliate program that operates offline.


You may be wondering how people can afford to buy when times are hard. However, even in this economy, people are going to spend. What you want is for them to spend it with you.


Tips for Direct Sales Success


So, how do you make your business stand out when others are selling the same products in the same market? Keep reading to find out how.


* Add the personal touch – Anyone can shove a booklet in someone’s face and ask them to buy. This may get you the sale the first time, but won’t garner too much repeat business. Put your own twist on the business to get people interested. When you hand out your product catalogue, include the choice of a free sample. Or, offer a free consultation with each purchase. Since you are running your own enterprise, it’s okay to make it personal.


* Network with your clients – Don’t just take the money and run. Keep in touch with your customers. Find out how they liked the product. Ask if they know anyone else who could benefit from your services. Always come from a position of “no pressure.” When people feel pressed, they are less likely to buy.


* Play to your strengths – To make any business work you need passion. When you are deeply committed to your product you will show that same commitment to your clients. That is why you started the business in the first place.


* Put yourself in the customer’s position – How would you respond if presented with the tactics you are using towards your customers? To successfully develop a direct sales business in your niche, you have to understand how your niche customers think and give them what they want.


You can find success with a direct sales business when you know how to reach your client base.