Coping with Twins or more

They are so cute. Everyone marvels at your duo or trio of perky babies. What they don’t see is what goes on behind closed doors when evening falls. It can be a horror story, but it doesn’t have to be.


There is high anxiety when one child is born. Imagine when two or three come into the house at the same time! What do you do? Read on for some helpful tips.


The first thing is have a plan. Planning is highly underrated. For feedings, changing, bathing and dressing, it will be just like an assembly line. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids, but you have to get the job done. You’d rather spend time playing with them than fighting with poop and nappies.


Set a place to change them. If their nursery will be the room, have everything that you need right at hand. This could mean one large changing table, or more than one depending on how much room you’ll think you need. Three small babies can fit side by side, but as they get older you may need to change the plan.


Have help. It can be a much smoother process when both partners help. If one isn’t there, enlist the help of your support system: parents and friends.


Set up regular feeding times. The sooner that you can get your children on a schedule, the easier it will be for you - especially at night. You don’t want to get up at midnight for one and an hour later for the other. Try to keep them together.


Take time to think. Babies will cry. It is how they communicate. If they are dry, fed and not in pain, it could be that they are sleepy but not wanting to sleep. Resist the urge to jump up when they start crying if you know these things have been done. They will eventually fall asleep. It can be hard to hear them cry but sometimes it has to be done.


Use helpful aids. Kids can fall asleep to soft music or lighted displays on the side of their crib. Keep these toys away from their heads, at the foot of the crib. It can mesmerize them and help them stop crying.


When you have to get chores done, turn on the baby monitor. You will hear if they have trouble and can tend to them. This gives you a measure of freedom and time to yourself.


The main way to keep your sanity is to have help. It is hard to tend to more than one child by yourself. This is also a bonding experience between parents and children to bathe, massage, feed and change them. Doing it together brings the two of you closer and divides the work.

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