Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips, Tricks and Unique Ideas

Half the fun of giving a gift is watching it be opened. Even more fun is seeing the look on the recipient's face when you hand them a perfectly wrapped work of art. Not only do they make quite an impression on anyone you hand them to, but they can be just as beautiful as any other decorations in your home, and add to the festive atmosphere.


You do not have to hire someone else to wrap your gifts to make an impression, however. You can show off your skills with some of these easy tips and unique ideas.


Tips to Remember

Double sided tape is your friend. To create those perfect seams and a professional look, use double sided tape to tuck and stick errant bits of wrapping paper and ribbon.


Always use a flat surface. To keep seams flat and corners tight, avoid wrinkles and bulges by wrapping gifts on a large, flat, clean surface.


Measure your paper. To get the perfect amount of paper, roll out some paper, centre the gift so that there is less paper on either side of the gift and more on the top and bottom. After the gift is centred, cut the paper.


Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas


Craft paper

For a simple and amazingly chic look, use craft paper instead of the usual wrapping paper. Craft paper is very sturdy, allowing for crisp edges and no wrinkling. Use some coloured ribbon and a few of the following ideas and all your gifts will look perfect and oh so trendy.


Extra tip: for gifts that are in boxes, use patterned tissue paper that coordinates with the colour of the ribbon or bow on the outside of the box. For example, if you used a red ribbon or bow, use red gingham-printed tissue paper. It is a simple touch that pulls the whole look together.


Coordinating colours

Avoid overdoing it with colours and patterns. If you use a patterned wrapping paper, chose a solid coloured ribbon and/or bow that coordinates with the colours in the pattern. If you want to use a patterned or multicolour ribbon and/or bow, choose a solid coloured paper that works with the colours you chose. Otherwise no matter how perfect your wrapping job is, it will look so busy that it will come off as messy.


Wide ribbon

While thin ribbons might be cute and dainty, wide ribbon makes your gift wrapping look cleaner and more professional. For a simple yet complicated-looking project, use multiple thicknesses of ribbon layered over each other.


Bow perfection

Nothing pulls together a gift-wrapping project quite like a bow. The store-bought bows that you can buy in a bag anywhere don't quite do the job, though. To make your own impressive bows, look for simple tutorials online. Or if you prefer to buy your bows, look for them at craft stores where the employees often make bows by hand.


Dress it up

There's more to a truly unique gift wrapping job than some ribbon and a fancy bow. Dress up your gifts with trinkets, baubles, and fancy tags. Try adding pieces of artificial holly, mistletoe, or other floral bits. Make fancy-looking tags out of sample paint squares cut into shapes, flat glittery ornaments, or tiny wooden sample spoons. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and put a truly personal touch on your gift-wrapping projects.


Your days of relying on bags or paying a professional to wrap your gifts are over. With these tips, you will have incredible looking gift wrapping projects galore.

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