Autumn Fashion Ideas for Mum

The cooler weather is here, but that is no excuse to put on a big wool sweater that stretches to your knees or wear jogging pants and trainers everywhere. You can look the part of a classic beauty even with kids that keep you busy all the time. Here are some great autumn fashion ideas that can extend right into winter.


What is it about becoming a mum? Sometimes, we forget that we were women first before we entered motherhood. We had a style and an air about us that was noticed and identified. That seemed to be the first thing that went once baby came in. This autumn, reclaim who you are and what you like about yourself as you roll that push chair to the park or the playground. Mums can be beautiful and, dare we say it, fashionable even if they have two or three kids hanging on their arm.


Once you discover your style, it’s simple to keep it going. Collect some choice pieces and then accessorise as often as you can. The key to great fashion sense is making it look like you just threw it all together.


Autumn Fashion ideas for Mum

Accessorise – Big is in. That means large bangles on the arms, chunky necklaces and belts. Choose a variety of colours to make your outfits “pop”. You aren’t a Christmas tree, so each side doesn’t have to be symmetrical. Keep bracelets on one arm only.


High neck tops – As the weather gets colder, so will your body. Choose tops that have high necklines. Show them off with those large gold chunky necklaces.


Give it the boot – Every woman needs at least one pair of boots. They don’t have to have a high heel, either. Go for a wedge or a thick heel. Opt for a pair that has a lot of embellishments. They can dress up a multitude of outfits, including skirts and jeans. Short boots are a welcome addition to skirts and tights.


Contrast your look – There is nothing that says each item in your wardrobe has to match every other. Contrasting patterns and colours add an edge to your outfit.


His wardrobe – If you are looking for a coat that you can wear out casually, look to his closet. Men’s styles are hot for women this autumn. Choose a short or three-quarter length military style coat. It adds style and grace to any outfit. For the rebel in you, try a motorcycle jacket.


Favourite sweater – Remember the button down pocketed sweater your grandad used to wear? Pick up one for yourself. It is light enough to wear when the weather is windy but not too cold and trendy enough to enhance your casual outfits.


Pencil skirts – They can fit about any shape. Use colour blocked patterns to minimize curvy hips. Choose patterned skirts with a solid blouse and exciting accessories.


Silk scarves – Scarves cover a multitude of sins and can be just the piece you need to elevate your outfit for a certain occasion.


A few versatile pieces can keep your fall outfits fresh and fabulous.

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