Autumn and Winter Skin Care Tips

Summer is fast becoming a forgotten memory and those warm and sun-filled days are being replaced with cooler air and crisper weather. How will you keep your skin looking fabulous?


No matter what your skin type, cooler weather can wreak havoc on the outer layer of your body. Skin is sensitive to changes in the environment and some women have more trouble keeping their face and body looking its best during autumn and winter.


Don’t despair, though. Here are a few timely tips that will help you to get started right now and still have skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom until the weather turns warm again.


8 Autumn and Winter Skin Care Tips


Don’t leave the care of your skin to chance. Get busy doing what you can to preserve its natural feel and beauty.


Stay hydrated – Even when you are not exercising, drink plenty of fluids, namely water. The body is about 80 percent water, so it takes a lot to keep it running properly. When there is a shortage of water on the inside, your skin will let you know on the outside, by becoming dry, cracked, irritated and rough. No one wants that. Even coffee and tea contain water, but make your main source the thing itself.


Use a moisturiser – Even oily skin can show the effects of the weather during the latter half of the year. For dry skin, apply an oil-based moisturiser to protect skin from high winds and low temperatures. Avoid perfumed creams and lotions that can dry out your skin. Use a product that is specific to the face.


Shield your face from the sun – Sunglasses alone are not enough. Even on cold days, the sun’s rays can damage the delicate skin on your face. Use facial products that contain sunscreen, as well as applying a layer of a sunscreen product if you plan on being outdoors for any length of time.


Keep lips moist – It is not uncommon for lips to crack and hurt. We often lick them involuntarily, but that further removes moisture instead of putting it back. Keep a lip balm handy to apply before going out and as you need it throughout the day.


Oil your body – When you shower, apply a layer of body oil before you dry off. The oil holds in moisture. This trick works best at night before bed.


Protect those feet – Also a night time trick, use a moisturizing foot cream to protect against dry heals and itching and cracking. Cover your feet with socks to keep the skin supple.


Cover those hands – Who needs an excuse to be fashionable? Keep those hands covered with a pair of gloves. To make driving easier, wear suede or leather driving gloves for tactile performance and smooth hands.


Eat well – Certain foods can provide essential oils that nourish your skin. Choose green leafy vegetables, fruit and fish for vitamin E, C and omega-3s.


Protect your skin from day one of cooler weather.

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