A Short Guide to Finding the Most Suitable Easter Card

Coming up with Easter card ideas isn't too difficult thanks to the fact that the shops are full of cards around this time of the year. However, things can get a bit trickier if you're trying to find the perfect, unique card. Not to mention the question of whether you should stick to religious themes or not. Here's a quick guide to the things you might want to consider when shopping for an Easter card.


Religious or Non-Religious?

 Although Easter is a religious festival, not everybody chooses to celebrate the religious element. It has become a secular festival for many, designed to celebrate the coming of spring and the new life and hope that it brings.


On the other hand, there are some who insist that Easter should be a day of religious reflection, and you wouldn’t want to offend them with your choice of card. This is why it's so important that you know who you're sending the card to, and whether or not you should use a religious motif.


If you're really not sure then you can get them a card that represents something in between. Something that uses spring images but doesn't show too much of the commercial side of Easter. Although this is technically a non-religious card, it still serves to symbolize the new life of the resurrection if you really don't want to risk offending anyone with obvious religious imagery.


Homemade Easter Cards

 Instead of buying cards, you might also want to come up with your own Easter card ideas to make from scratch. Just about anything related to spring is acceptable for an Easter card (unless you are going for a religious theme in which case a very simple cross will do).


A few Easter card ideas include:

* Woolly lamb designs, using cotton balls to recreate the soft wool,

* Flower cards using cardboard, crepe paper or silk cut outs to attach to the front of the card,

* Easter egg designs (these are great for unleashing your creative spirit, as they can be designed however you want them to be!)


On the inside of the card you'll want to write a message. This could be as simple as "Happy Easter", though there are also a number of messages and quotes available on the internet if you want to come up with something a bit more unique.


When you take some time to think up the best Easter card ideas, you'll find that the card becomes so much more meaningful, and is even a gift in itself!