6 Kid Friendly Easter Party Ideas

If you're planning a party for the kids around Easter then it definitely helps to come up with as many Easter party ideas as possible to keep them occupied. If you’re struggling then here are six classic Easter games and activities for your kids to enjoy.


Easter Egg Hunt

The first of all the Easter party ideas is arguably the most important: Easter Day wouldn't be complete without an Easter egg hunt! This involves dyed or plastic eggs hidden around the home or garden for children to find. Traditionally, the child who finds the most eggs is the winner, but you may decide to give out prizes at random to help make it fair across the age groups.


Egg and Spoon Race

The symbol of the egg is almost inseparable from Easter celebrations, so why not have some fun by arranging an egg and spoon race? Each child lines up at the start line holding a serving spoon with a hard boiled or plastic egg. When you say "go!" the children race to the finish line, trying not to drop the egg. If they do drop it, they have to stop and balance it again. Make sure nobody cheats by sneakily holding their egg onto the spoon!


Easter Egg Decorating

If you want to keep the children busy while you spend time with the adults at the party, then you could sit them down with some hard boiled eggs to decorate. They can use paints, or even create their own dyes using food colouring.


Easter Egg Roll

This is another one of the Easter party ideas that's suitable when you have quite a few kids to entertain. You'll need a hardboiled egg for each child, and ideally a lawn with a slight incline so that the eggs can roll more easily. You can either get the children to roll their eggs to the finish line, or you could simply declare the person who rolls the eggs the farthest as the winner.


Guess the Number of Eggs

Another fun party game is to fill a jar with mini chocolate eggs. When each child arrives, get them to guess how many eggs are in the jar and write it down, along with their name, on a piece of paper. At the end of the party, the child who got it closest to the exact amount wins all of the eggs in the jar!


Pin the Egg on the Bunny

This is like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" but adapted for Easter. Simply print out, or get hold of, a picture of the Easter Bunny holding out his arms as if he's holding an egg. You'll then need eggs for the children to pin onto his hands. You blindfold the child, spin them around a few times, and then let them try to pin the egg in the right place. The child who gets it closest wins!