5 Teen Makeup Disasters to Avoid

As a teen, it's a fun time to try new makeup techniques, but there are a lot of do’s and don’ts in the makeup world. It’s easy to make a simple mistake that could ruin your whole entire look. Here are some makeup disasters that you should definitely try and avoid doing.


Bright Makeup Colours With Bright Lipstick

Try to avoid mixing bright colours with bright lipstick. If you have a bright pink lipstick, but you're wearing a bright yellow eye shadow, it would make a very bad combination, because overall it would just be too flashy and would clash horribly. Just try to avoid mixing brights with brights, because that is often a big mistake when it comes to teenage makeup disasters.


Black Eye Shadow Messes

When doing this, it drops tiny pieces of the black eye shadow under the eye. Sadly, trying to lick your finger and wipe it off will only end up smearing it and leaving your face completely covered in the black eye shadow being applying. The tip given here is to try putting an index card under your eye while applying dark colours, otherwise, it can get very messy.


Overdone Eyebrows

Something else to avoid is overdoing your eyebrows while pencilling them in. Colouring in your eyebrows is great and sometimes very important, just don't take it overboard. If you gently shade in your eyebrow with a matching colour, it could create a neat even look, but if you were to roughly shade it in with a somewhat darker colour, it could come out looking horrible, almost very fake. Instead, find an eyebrow pencil closest to your colour and carefully use it.


Lipstick On Your Teeth

Another horrible experience: lipstick getting on your teeth. It’s so annoying, am I right? To try and avoid doing this, try to pucker your lips out and make sure to apply it evenly along your lips. Also, while you speak, try to keep your lips outward.


Uneven Eyeliner

Having uneven eyeliner is a definite no. It makes you look cheap and un-organized. There are a couple ways to avoid this terrible look, of course. One way is quite strange: putting an index card on your eyelid. It may sound weird, but it works! It helps you line the eye liner better so that it’s even. Another method is to just take your time, because if you rush trying to put it on, you most likely are going to make it uneven. Your hand is probably going to be unsteady from moving fast and trying to be quick, so just remember: when doing your eyeliner, go slow—otherwise you could end up looking like a raccoon!


Remember these because they will surely help you prevent yourself from any teen makeup disasters. Of course, other things may come up in the future as well, but take in stride. Everyone has bad make up days, but the more you practice, the better you get.

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